GoDaddy Shared Window Hosting Review – First Glance

This is my first blog post on this website, which is now hosting on GoDaddy’s Windows Shared Hosting platform and WordPress. I will get into more details later, but let me say that while GoDaddy advertises that this hosting plan supports WordPress, it is actually pretty much unusable because of the super-slow processing available to each account in the shared hosting platform. I have never experienced such slow server CPU bandwidth and after hours of getting tech support, they simply told me that they cannot do anything and I should buy another plan. I have always had really good experience with GoDaddy, so this whole thing was quite surprising to me. WordPress on this platform just does not work reasonably. I will get into why in further posts but wanted to post this as soon as possible to let everyone know to steer clear of this type of hosting plan. Thank you! – Dave

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